Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Hubby..

So my birthday is coming up,I think,you know what day it falls on. You seem to have some issues with what to get me so I want to make it as simple as possible on you. Oh just a reminder I am turning 28 this year not 30. But thanks for that. 

I thought I would blog about some stuff I love,and if my husband gets me one thing on this list it will be a good birthday.Haha.

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I start school next week and I have been doing lots of prep for that. So my blog will probably suffer a bit as I try to manage my home,family,school and this. I haven't even taken a picture in the last 2 weeks! ack! I love winter but  I get so uninspired around this time of year. I can't wait for Spring! I am doing a shoot with my daughter that I have been planning for sometime and I can't wait for spring to do it and share with you all. So I hope you all stay with me as this is going to be a hectic 4 months!

I hope your winter is going smoothly and if you can send some of your snow my way!

Fabric!! lets you upload your design to make your own unique fabrics! 

1. by Nalo_hopkinson  2. by Bella_modiste  3. by Panova 4. by Dianarich

I really want to start a collection of some vintage sewing machines.
photo by: susanryan

Some new plugs,I love these owl plugs!

Um,I love makeup..what girl doesn't?

I love love this necklace!
Such a cute print by papersparrow!

annnddd what I really want!Its sooooo pretty:)

I heart this camera bag sooo much!

by Kelly Moore   

                                      I know some of this is stuff is pretty random,but thats me.haha.


  1. You're so smart to make this you have to print it out poster size and hang it on the bathroom mirror where he'll see it. I love fabric too!

  2. Good luck with school!

    New make-up always feels great and oh how I love that necklace!!

  3. Thank you Jill! I am pretty anxious to get started:)

    Kari haha no joke!


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